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July in Paris

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June 27-August 1, 2018, Fren 1021 (IP), Fren 1023 (FL), or Fren 3060 (IP), 4 cr, led by Sarah Buchanan, Associate Professor of French


During this 30 day, 4 credit course you will explore the City of Lights while taking an intensive French course at the Sorbonne University.

Imagine living in Paris and practicing your French while buying groceries and baguettes. Imagine the fireworks shooting through the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day, and cyclists crossing the finish line of the Tour de France. Imagine seeing masterpieces of French art, visiting the American cemetery at Omaha Beach, roaming the medieval streets of Mont Saint Michel, and eating fresh seafood on the beaches of St. Malo. Imagine strolling through Versailles and seeing the rose window at Notre Dame. Imagine yourself in Paris.

July in Paris

  • FREN 1021, 4 Credits (IP)
  • FREN 1023, 4 Credits (FL)
  • FREN 3060, 4 Credits (IP)

Excursions: Whether individually or as a group, participants will have the opportunity to see most of Paris’ landmarks and cultural sites. Two to three afternoons per week are devoted to group excursions; other afternoons are free. Two weekends are scheduled and two are free for you to explore more of Paris, France or Europe.

Lodging: Each participant has a single room at the Fondation des États-Unis, an American-style campus for students, right in Paris. There are sports facilities, dining ATM, computer lab, laundry, and other amenities on the premises.

Faculty Bio:  Sarah Buchanan is an associate professor of French and the receipient of the Horace T. Morse Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2015 and the UMM Alumni Association Teaching Award in 2007. In addition to teaching the French language, she has taught many courses on Francophone cultures, cinema and literature, and on French culture, cinema and literature. Her research focuses on feminism and folklore in Francophone literature and film. Professor Buchanan has travelled extensively in Europe and in Africa, and has run many study-abroad programs to France and Morocco. For further information about the program in Paris, please contact Prof. Buchanan at or at 320-589-6292.


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