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Irish Texts and Contexts

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Irish Texts and Contexts Powerpoint

May 20-June 9, 2018, IS 3053, 4 cr (ENVT), led by Julie Eckerle, Professor of English, and Jimmy Schryver, Associate Professor of Art History

Explore Ireland’s artistic and literary landscape and see for yourself how it has influenced various Irish artists and authors through time.

Ireland looms magically in our hearts and minds. At once familiar and new, its art and literature never cease to attract us and leave us asking for more. Its windswept coasts, rain-kissed fields, and peaty bogs have inspired Authors since long before the Middle Ages.

During this 3-week, 4-credit program you will:

  • Visit Galway, the Aran Islands, and Kilkenny and see the Book of Kells
  • Walk through the landscape that inspired the Táin.
  • Explore Dublin, a designated Unesco City of Literature.

Program Leader Contact Information:
Julie Eckerle
Jimmy Schryver


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