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Meet Our Scholars

Man with dark brown hair

Ryan Anderson

Ryan is a "small-town boy" from Belle-vue, Idaho who is pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Although he is unsure what he wants to do with his Ph.D., it will be something that revolves around using Chemistry in a way that hopefully benefits a large group of people.

Woman with brown hair

Gozde Aydin

A native of Turkey, Gozde is a Biology major with chemistry and political science minor. She is mainly interested in the molecular and cellular level of biology and would like to become a biology professor in the future.

Man with brown hair

Jake Barnes

When Jake is not studying for school, he's usually studying music on one of the seven instruments he plays. Jake is pursuing a doctorate and career in forensic anthropology.

Katt Bergstrom

Katt Bergstrom

Man with black hair

Andre Brown

Andre is a statistics major who hopes his research will lead him to his inner passion and a life-long career.

Katie Goose

Katie Goose

spencer graff

Spencer Graff

Spencer is a Math and Physics major who wants to minor in either Medieval Studies or Computer Science (maybe both). Spencer plans to get a Ph.D. in Physics and would like to work in academia or research. When not busy studying, he loves to read, play piano, and write stories. Spencer also enjoys spending with his family and loves cats!

Man with dark brown hair

Charles Hassinger

Charles studies Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and deviance. Charles’ educational goals are to earn a Ph.D in sociology, so that he can conduct research on children and adolescents who engage in deviant and/or criminal behaviors with the hope to help them from becoming lifelong criminals or suffering from the adverse effects that are related to criminal and deviant behaviors. Charles hails from Aniak, a small native village in rural Alaska. Charles notes “being raised in a native village I learned to enjoy my culture’s traditional lifeways, that of putting away fish and picking berries to name a few.”

Woman with brown hair

Hannah Johnson

Hannah is double majoring in Environmental Studies and Native American Indigenous Studies. She hopes to use her advanced degree to serve indigenous communities in developing indigenous food sovereignty. She loves travel and once paddled in the Arctic for forty days! She hopes to go on more adventures moving forward.

Woman with brown hair

Linnea Kingbird-Martini

Woman with short brown hair

Sarah Lavoy

Sarah’s main academic interest is positioned between the fields of Medieval Studies and Art History. One day she hopes to become a tenured professor at a liberal arts institution where she can research, teach, and advocate for Native American students such as herself.

Man with blonde hair

Joseph Loija

Joe's major is financial and organizational management with a research interest in agricultural management. Ultimately, Joe hopes to help an agricultural business prosper and increase in productivity and efficiency. Joe is also a captain of the UMM football team and loves the outdoors.

Amy Michels

Amy Michels

Man with long brown hair

Matthew Muller

Morgan Olson

Morgan Olson

Morgan is currently double majoring in Physics and Native American Indigenous Studies. She hopes to go on to earn a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and advocate for other Indigenous scientists and youth who love physics as much as she does. She currently works as a Native American Student Success peer mentor and Ojibwemowin language table facilitator on campus.

woman with long brown hair

Sierra Paske

Sierra’s primary area of study is Forensic Science with an emphasis in Chemistry and Native American Indigenous Studies. She plans to achieve a PhD in Forensic science and work with the FBI as a Forensic Chemist. In her free time, Sierra likes to craft, mainly in beadwork, and write for fun. She also loves to stay active doing track and field as a hammer thrower.

Woman with blonde hair

Anna Perrault

Anna's primary areas of study are economics and management. She hopes to pursue a career in academia or management consulting. She is from North Branch, MN and enjoys painting in her free time.

Man with dark brown hair

Jair Peltier

Jair’s academic interests are Political Science, History, and Anthropology. He intends to work in public service either in the State Department or in political office and is from the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa.

Woman with brown hair

Emily Robinson

Emily is a chemistry student planning to go into Forensic Science. When she is not working in the lab, she is involved in cheerleading and the chemistry club.

Woman with brown hair

Justice Robinson

Justice is a Communication, Media & Rhetoric major with a Management minor and a particular interest in film studies and social media. Justice's career goals are to become a professor and research the use of accented English speech from minorities in film and social media.

Isaac Sanchez

Isaac Sanchez

Isaac is pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry. When he is not in the lab, you can catch him playing basketball in his free time. He wants to use his knowledge in chemistry to help solve world problems.

Man with brown hair

Charlot Shaw

Charlot is a Computer Science major and honors student, occasional juggler, martial artist and writer.

Woman with brown hair

Lauren Solkowski

Lauren's current majors are Psychology and French, although her McNair research will center mainly around Native American Indigenous Studies. After obtaining a Ph.D, Lauren hopes to work with diverse populations and study their ways of viewing the world, themselves, and others. An interesting tidbit about Lauren is that she love cows and has a great collection of cow jokes that she is more than willing to share!

Woman with brown hair

Amia Spates

Amia is a biology major planning to pursue a Ph.D in order to become a biological researcher. She is also a community advisor at Morris.

woman with black hair

Choua Thao

Choua is studying Psychology with emphasis on multiculturalism and hopes to work with multiple ethnic groups on enhancing learning in academic settings and/or getting to know and appreciate more of their culture and identity. An interesting fact about Choua is that she loves acting like a photographer, even laying on the ground just to take a good angled picture; she especially loves taking pictures of her mom in flower gardens because it makes her smile.

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