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McNair Faculty Mentors

  • Faculty member teaching a class

Faculty research mentors

The centerpiece of the UMM McNair program is collaborative research with a faculty research mentor. McNair Scholars are highly motivated, graduate school bound students, and McNair faculty mentors are similarly driven to do quality research with undergraduates. Faculty members come from all disciplines, and are among UMM's finest educators and mentors.

If you are interested in mentoring a McNair Scholar, please provide a short description of your research interests for posting on the McNair webpage. If you are paired with a Scholar for summer research, your involvment will include:

  • Working closely with the McNair Scholar to develop the resarch proposal in the semester prior to carrying out the research via the Research Success Seminar.
  • Mentoring, monitoring, and supervising the Scholar as he or she carries out the aforementioned project.
  • Supporting and encouraging the Scholar as s/he disseminates the results of the research at campus, regional and/or national and international venues.
  • Continuing to mentor and advocate for the Scholar as s/he prepares for and applies to grad school.

We are excited to have a McNair program on the Morris campus, and we think it is a natural fit for our campus and students. We look forward to your involvment, ideas, and encouragement!

Faculty role

This is an academic, faculty-led program. The commitment of individual faculty members is crucial to the success of the McNair Scholar and the McNair program at Morris.

Avenues for Involvement

Recruitment of McNair Scholars

In the recruitment and identification of McNair Scholars: you work with these students; you know who is likely to succeed and persist to the PhD/EdD, given the right motivation, assistance and direction.

Please consider students you believe would be excellent candidates for this program and fill out this simple nomination form. These students (contingent upon eligibility) will be encouraged to apply for the program. Your continued encouragement and recruitment of these students will be critical to their eventual success.

Your involvement in events publicizing the McNair program will be welcomed, and, should you hope to mentor a McNair Scholar in a research project, your participation in McNair-related research programming will be expected (see below).


Additionally, faculty volunteers that assist in the official selection process are welcomed with open arms. In particular, the two-part application process includes a short interview with each applicant; your willingness to help with a few of these interviews would be greatly appreciated.

Recommending McNair Applicants

As part of the application process, applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who knows them well. If a student has asked you to write a letter of recommendation on their behalf, you will be contacted by McNair staff and asked to upload your letter via a secure link. Your letter should address the potential of the applicant to succeed academically and pursue the PhD or EdD, as well as:

  • How well you know the applicant
  • Personal characteristics that you think will help (or hinder) the applicant's progress generally
  • Other strengths/weaknesses of the applicant
  • An assessment of the applicant's ability to carry out mentored research

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