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New Zealand

If you choose New Zealand for your GST experience, you will be placed in Napier. Napier is located on beautiful Hawkes Bay.

The schools’ curriculum follows the New Zealand Standards. New Zealand school terms are 10 weeks with a two-week break between terms. Term 1 begins the end of January. And Term 4 ends in December. Placements in New Zealand are made for 10 weeks, but longer terms can be negotiated. However, placements longer than 10 weeks must take into account the two-week (non-teaching) break period.

The following are a few of the schools where students have been placed:

Taradale Primary School, Taradale, Napier 

Taradale Intermediate School, Taradale, Napier

Taradale High School, Taradale, Napier 

Napier Intermediate School, Napier 

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