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GST Program Costs

The following costs will be charged by the University of Minnesota, Morris for participation in the Global Student Teaching program:

Application fee: $50 (This fee is non-refundable.)

Placement fee: $375 (This fee is non-refundable except in the case that the GST program is unable to arrange a placement for the applicant)

Contingency fee: $75 (This fee is non-refundable except in the case that the GST program is unable to arrange a placement for the applicant)

Tuition: Students from other universities pay tuition either to the University of Minnesota, Morris or to their home university. Interested students should contact the GST program to inquire about the tuition arrangement with their particular university.

For students paying tuition directly to the University of Minnesota, Morris: Please see the cost sheet for tuition rates. Participants register for one credit per week of student teaching, up to 13 credits. A fee of $150 will be charged for each week beyond 13 weeks.

Travel insurance: The University of Minnesota provides mandatory travel insurance at a cost of approximately $48/month. This amount is subject to change.

Additional placements: Participants who require more than one placement are charged a $125 fee per additional placement.

Participants should also budget for other costs, such as:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Housing (roughly 200-300 in local currency per week, which includes a room and meals)
  • Passport and visa fees (if necessary)
  • Immunizations (if necessary)
  • Personal expenses

These costs vary by location. Please contact the GST program to receive a customized cost estimate.

Cancellation Policy 

Participants who wish to cancel must provide official notification by email and cancel their online application. Include the reasons for cancellation from the program. Participants, not their home institution and/or power of attorney, are responsible for notification.

Notification should be sent to the coordinator of Global Student Teaching at the University of Minnesota, Morris.

Cancellation is effective as of the date the email was sent. However, participants will continue to accrue non–recoverable costs based on the University of Minnesota cancellation and tuition refund policy.

Participants are responsible for all program fees until notification is received by the coordinator of GST. Institutions paying on behalf of the participant are responsible for all program fees until official notice of cancellation by the student is received. It is the student’s responsibility to also notify the institution paying their program fees of their cancellation from the program.


The application fee is non–refundable.

Global Student Teaching arranges placements for participants upon receipt of the non–refundable application fee. At this point, GST incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who cancels at any time after the application fee has been received will not have the application fee refunded. Students can defer to another term to avoid cancellation fees.

The information contained in this cancellation policy supersedes any verbal or other written information that anyone may receive regarding this policy. This policy is subject to any applicable refund policies of non–University of Minnesota institutions.


GST follows the University of Minnesota, Morris cancellation and tuition refund policy.

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