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Past Programs

4 credits, with Argie Manolis and Tara Gromatka.
May 20 - June 9, 2018, IS 3053, 4 cr (ENVT), led by Julie Eckerle, Professor of English, and Jimmy Schryver, Associate Professor of Art History.
June 27 - August 1, 2018, Fren 1021 (IP), Fren 1023 (FL), or Fren 3060 (IP), 4 cr, led by Sarah Buchanan, Associate Professor of French.
June 15 - July 3, 2018, CMR 2323, 4 cr (IP), led by Barbara Burke, Associate Professor of Communication, Media, and Rhetoric.
4 credits, with Joe Alia and Tim Soderberg.
Understanding Cuba promotional postcard.  Each letter in the word "Cuba" is filled with an image.  The "C" is a teal VW Bug, the "U" is a lake and jungle landscare, the "B" is a busy city stree, and the "A" is a women's face.
"Understanding Cuba" is a two-week study-abroad course on Cuban history and politics with an emphasis on the interaction of humans and their environment.


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