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Past Programs

Live and take classes in the compound of a 13th century castle. Experience and study the environmental challenges of living sustainably in the Italian Alps.
A postcard that says "Edinburgh Chasing the Plague."  The letters that make up "Edinburgh" are filled with various images images including statues, books, mice, a plague mask, and natural grassy landscape.
June 4 - June 26, 2019, Joshua Johnson and Rachel Johnson, 4 credits, IP, no prerequisites
A postcard that says "Thailand Chemistry & Culture."  The words are over a grassy landscape background that has a small tree covered hill in the background.  Each letter in the word "THAILAND" is filled with images related to Thai culture and chemistry.
Experience the frenetic vitality of Bangkok, develop your skills as a chemist, and learn about and experience Thai culture.
4 credits, with Janet Ericksen and David Ericksen.
2 cr, led by Cristina Ortiz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Clement Loo, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies.
A postcard that says "London Fine & Performing Arts."  The letters in the word "LONDON" are filled with various images ranging from iconic London sites, fine art, and a portrait of Shakespeare.
May 21-June 4, 2019, Jess Larson and Ray Schultz, 2 credits, FA, no prerequisites
A postcard that says "From the Caesars to the Saints Rome".  The word "ROME" is placed over a roman city street.  Each letter in the word "ROME" is filled with a famous Roman statue or work of art.
July 10 - July 31, 2018, ESci 2201 (ENVT) or Geol 4130, led by Jim Cotter, Professor of Geology.


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