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Application Information for UMM Students

Due to transitions in staffing, this program is not accepting applications at this time.

Application Deadlines

  • Elementary Education program: February 15 of the academic year prior to student teaching
  • Secondary Education program: September 15 of the first semester in the Secondary Education program

Application Process

 In order to move ahead with your application please complete these steps:

  1. Placement information form
    Complete the placement information form indicating your area of licensure and other background information

  2. Complete the online application
    Access the online application formMake sure you click "Apply now," NOT "Create a Profile"

    In the online application, choose
    - Center Name: Morris GST/ELTAP Programs
    - Education Abroad Term: Choose the semester you plan to be abroad
    - Country: Choose the country in which you plan to complete GST

  3. Complete checklist for Global Student Teaching Application 

    Compile all other checklist items listed below and submit them before the application deadline. All materials should be uploaded to the online application checklist unless otherwise noted. If those who are writing your recommendation letters prefer to submit their letters directly, they may send them to

    Once we receive your application, we will review it and notify you of your acceptance status. If your application is accepted, a placement will be sought that is consistent with your proposed schedule and choice of country. In the event that it is not possible to fulfill your request, we will contact you before seeking an alternate placement for you.

    We will make every effort to finalize placements two months prior to the beginning of your assignment; though extenuating circumstances can alter this schedule.

    Typed Student Teaching Statement
    Write a 2-3 page essay that will serve as your introduction to the educators in your host school. Summarize your background, interests, special talents, travel and work experiences, leadership positions, honors received, and aspects of your life that would help the people you will be working with know who you are. Explain why you have chosen to participate in Global Student Teaching and why you are interested in student teaching in the specific country.

    This can be the same as the statement used in your UMM student teaching application as long as you include a section about your interest in GST and the specific country that you are applying to.

    Letters of Recommendation
    Provide two letters (from teacher educators familiar with your work in education) speaking to your qualifications (teaching capability, initiative, perseverance, decision-making skills, written and oral expression, and intercultural communication competence) for completing student teaching in another country.

    Summary List of Credits Earned
    Compile a list of credits by subject area e.g. Chemistry 25 credits; Art 15 credits. Note Special emphasis in your coursework. People in other countries often find transcripts difficult to decipher. A summary list helps to clarify your teaching strengths.

    Letter From a Parent or Guardian Approving Your Application
    If you are under 18 years of age, a letter from a parent or guardian indicating approval is required.

    Approval From Director of Student Teaching At Your College or University Authorizing Your Application
    Complete this form and have the Director of student teaching at your college or university sign to indicate you have met all prerequisites for student teaching.

  4. Submit additional documents after acceptance confirmation

    After your acceptance has been confirmed, you will be prompted to submit additional documents. These can be uploaded to the online application checklist. 

    Proof of Classroom Liability Insurance
    Upload the confirmation email you received for joining Education Minnesota.

    Health Form
    Complete, sign and upload the health form.

    Insurance Form
    Complete the insurance form.

    Release & Waiver Form
    Sign the University of Minnesota Release and Waiver online. A copy of the signed waiver will be automatically emailed to you as a PDF attachment. Upload the PDF document.

    Confirmation & Payment Agreement Form
    Complete, date, sign and upload the confirmation and payment agreement form.

    Travel Information
    After being informed about your placement details, book your flights and submit your flight confirmation email. You will also be asked to complete the google form to provide your travel details. The university requires this information in order to purchase your international insurance.

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